Executive summary

This is a study by the researchers from National Cancer Center, Korea. 17 patients with liver metastasis from breast cancer (LMBC) were treated to a total dose of 66 GyE (range, 60-80) in 10 fractions, 5 times a week. With a median follow-up time 34.2 months, this study reported that the 3-year local progression (FFLP), progression-free survival (PFS), and overall survival (OS) rates were 94.1%, 19.6% and 71.7% respectively. The median times of PFS and OS were 7.9 months and 39.3 months. Grade 3 or higher adverse events were not observed. The authors concluded that PBT showed promising oncological outcomes and can be considered a local treatment option in patients with LMBC.

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