Executive summary

This study reported results in 22 patients with recurrent NSCLC received IMPT reirradiation to a total mean dose of 60GyE. The first course of radiation was 60 Gy and 45% patients received adjuvant immunotherapy. With the retreatment, 36% patients received concurrent chemotherapy with IMPT and 18% received immunotherapy after IMPT. 1-year OS 68%, LC 80%, PFS 45%, and DMFS 60% were reported, with Grade 3 pneumonitis in two patients, or dermatitis, Grade 2 pneumonitis in one patient, and Grade 1 toxicity in seven patients. There were no Grade 4 or 5 toxicities. The authors concluded that definitive IMPT re-irradiation for lung cancer can prolong disease control with limited toxicity, particularly in the immunotherapy era. 

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