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A study by the Samsung group Korea reported outcomes of 49 patients with pancreatic cancer (≥80% patients locally advanced unresectable disease) treated with SBPT to a total dose 60 GyRBE in five fractions (n = 42, 85.7%) and 50 GyRBE in five fractions (n = 7, 14.3%). With a median follow-up 16.3 months, this study reported the complete response, partial response, and stable disease in four (8.2%), 13 (26.5%), and 31 (63.3%) patients, respectively. The 2-year overall survival, progression-free survival, and local control (LC) rates were 67.6%, 38.0%, and 73.0%, respectively. Grade ≥ 3 gastroduodenal (GD) toxicity occurred in three (6.1%) patients. The authors concluded that SBPT provided relatively high LC rates with acceptable toxicities.

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