Executive summary

This systematic review summarized results of the literature in the setting of patients treated with hypofractionated PT for benign lesions of the central nervous system (CNS). Twelve original studies were selected including patients treated for base of the skull meningiomas (6 papers), vestibular schwannoma (3 papers) and pituitary adenomas (3 papers). Clinical results of patients treated with PT were similar to those reported in cohorts treated with either photon-based or gamma knife. Long-term toxicity was reported ranging from 2 % to 7 % in patients treated for base of skull meningioma and 1-9 % for schwannoma. The authors suggested that although hypofractionated PT confirmed to be a safe and effective alternative to the photon/gamma based approach, a strong need of further dosimetric and clinical comparison between modern photon- and proton-based radiation techniques are required for better patient selection. 

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