Executive summary

Fifty-nine brain tumor children < 4 years old received PRT were followed for the median 9.1 years (5.5-18 years). The report of long-term health related quality of life (HRQoL) was assessed by child self report and parent proxy report, with which the result was presented by total core (78.4 and 72.9); physical (82.9 and 75.2), psychosocial (76.0 and 71.6) emotional (74.4 and 70.7), social (81.2 and 75.1), school (72.4 and 69.9).

Parent-reported HRQoL fell within a previously defined range for healthy children in 37.5% of patients, and for children with severe health conditions in 45% of patients. This study concluded that long-term HRQoL among brain tumor survivors treated with proton therapy at a very young age is variable with over a third achieving HRQoL levels commensurate with healthy children.

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