Executive summary

This review included 31 primary studies including CFRT 15, SBRT 10 and PBT 6 for evaluation. The range of median total dose reported in the CFRT group was 50.4–59.4 Gy, with the median number of fractions in the range of 25–33 fractions. In the SBRT group, it was noted that the range of cumulative radiotherapy dose was 24 Gy to 50 Gy in fractions ranging from 5 to 8. PBT was administered to total dose 50 to 67.5 GyRBE in 25 to 33 fractions. The range of median OS for the CFRT and SBRT groups was 9.3-22.9 months and 8.5-20 months, respectively. For the PBT group, the range of median OS was 18.4-22.3 months. Acute toxicity was remarkably less in SBRT compared to CFRT, while in PBT grade 3 or higher acute toxicity was observed more commonly with doses of 67.5 GyRBE or higher.