Executive summary

This report presented the outcomes of patients treated in in the UK proton overseas program (POP). 830 patients with central nervous system (CNS), base of skull, spinal and paraspinal malignancies were treated within the POP. Overall survival data were available for 815 patients and local control data for 726 patients. Toxicity analysis was carried out on 702 patients. After a median follow-up of 3.34 years, the OS was 91.2%. The LC rate was 85.9% after a median follow-up of 2.81 years. The overall grade ≥3 late toxicity incidence was 11.97%, after a median follow-up of 1.72 years. The results of this study indicate the safety and encouraging results of PBT for CNS tumors with the rate of late effects compares favorably with published cohorts.

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