Executive summary

This study by the CNAO group, Milan, reported outcomes of 48 patients with skull base chondrosarcoma who underwent particle therapy (67% PT, 33% CIRT) to a total dose of 70 GyRBE in 35 fractions for PT and 70.4 GyRBE in 16 fractions for CIRT, respectively. With a median follow-up of 38 months, one local failure (2%) was documented and 3-year local control rate was 98%. One (2%) and 4 (8%) patients experienced G3 acute and late toxicity, respectively. White-matter brain changes were documented in 22 (46%) patients, but only 7 needed steroids (G2). No patients had G3 brain toxicity. No G4-5 complications were reported. The authors concluded that PT and CIRT are effective and safe for skull base chondrosarcoma. 




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