Executive summary

This is a qualitative analysis of a recent survey took place in 10 PT centers in Europe. Nine centers treat from 100 to 500 patients per year. Pediatric patients accounted for 10-30%, 30-50% and 50-70% of the entire cohort for 7, 2 and 1 center, respectively. The most frequent tumors treated in adult population were brain tumors, sarcomas and head and neck carcinomas; in all centers, the mean duration of PT is longer than 3 weeks. In 80% of cases, the treatment reimbursement for PT is supplied by the respective country's HNS (Health National System), however only one third of the PT centers receive logistic support by HNS . Overall, 70% of respondents agree that geographic challenges could limit a patient's access to proton facilities and 60% believe that additional support should be given to patients referred for PT care.