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Executive summary
  • Agenda:
  • - Rudi Labarbe (IBA) | Welcome & Introduction
  • - Theresa Busch, PhD (UPENN) | The Differential Effects of FLASH Dose Rate in Proton Radiotherapy of Epithelial Tissues: from Necrosis to Fibrosis
  • - Keith Cengel, MD, PhD (UPENN) | Development and utilization of proton FLASH techniques in a randomized dose escalation trial for canine osteosarcoma
  • - Marco Schwarz, PhD (TRENTO PROTON THERAPY CENTER) | Advancing Treatment Planning Methods for FLASH
  • *Flash Therapy is currently under research and development phase and will be available for sale when regulatory clearance is received.
Guest speakers
Professor and Associate Director of Research
Univeristy of Pennsylvania
University of Washington