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Executive summary

In this panel discussion, Dr. Steven Frank exchanges views on the building and operation of a proton therapy facility with six experts from the proton therapy community. They talk about leadership, operations, marketing, incentives, and budget. Watch the panel's recording now and discover their answers to the following questions:

  • (04:15) How to ensure the buy-in of all the stakeholders of the leadership team, at the institutional, department, medical and administrative levels?
  • (07:25 ) How does financing drive leadership of a proton center? What points impact the financial success of a center?
  • (13:15 ) How to align marketing with access, clinic and business operations?¬†
  • (14:45 ) How does vendor coordination impact the design, building, installation, acceptance and clinical commissioning of a proton therapy center?
  • (18:30 ) When deciding to put a proton project together, who are the first stakeholders to engage?¬†
  • (22:30 ) What is the typical timeline from the design to the first patient treated?
  • (32:25 ) What are the marketing investment expectations to keep in mind to optimize the patient volume? What is the price of awareness?
  • (36:35) How can the HALO effect be captured?
  • (39:25) How to ensure ¬†incentives alignment in a consortium-based model between the institutions, the departments and the physicians?
  • (45:55) How to ensure budgetary alignment between the proton center and the department or institution?
  • (47:10) How to budget for upgrades in the long term?

The panel concludes with additional questions from the public, about the depreciation timeline, the halo effect and the messaging to convey to patients when advertising the proton therapy activity.

Guest speakers
Radiation Oncologist
MD Anderson
Director of Radiation Services
University of Kansas
Chair of Penn Medicine Roberts Proton Therapy Center
University of Pennsylvania
President and Chief Operating Officer
Legion Healthcare Partner, LLC.
President Proton Therapy IBA North America
New York Proton Center