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Executive summary

In the weeks following the Flash Radiation Therapy conference FRPT in Toronto, IBA Proton Therapy invites you to hear about and discuss the additional benefits that ultra-high dose rate radiotherapy could bring to patients in the future with motion management and lymphocyte sparing.

Learn more about ConformalFLASH®, IBA’s FLASH Proton Therapy solution, and listen to Dr. Schwarz and Dr. Grassberger from the University of Washington in Seattle on why ultra-high dose rate proton therapy can benefit patients. 


  • Introduction to IBA ConformalFlash®(10 min)
  • A physics rationale for ultra-high dose rate proton therapy (20 min)
    Dr. Schwarz will discuss how treatment techniques designed for FLASH create interesting treatment options to address other important issues, such as intrafraction motion.
  • Lymphocyte-sparing radiotherapy with ultra-high dose rate proton therapy (20 min) 
    Dr. Grassberger will illustrate how fast delivery can reduce the volume of circulating blood irradiated during treatment, and the possible benefits this sparing might have on anti-tumor immunity.
  • Q&A (10 min)
Guest speakers
Vander Stappen
R&D Research Expert
University of Washington
Research Associate Professor
University of Washington