Executive summary

This study reviewed dosimetric data and clinical outcomes of 64 stage III lung cancer patients treated with SPT (34) + IMRT (30). Mean dose to lung, heart, and esophagus was lower in the SPT group, with most benefit in the low-dose region (lungs, 9.7 Gy vs 15.7 Gy for SPT vs IMRT, respectively [P = .004]; heart, 7 Gy vs 14 Gy [P = .001]; esophagus, 28.2 Gy vs 30.9 Gy [P = .023]).

Esophagitis and dermatitis grades were not different between the 2 groups. Grade 2+ pneumonitis was 21% in the SPT group and 40% in the IMRT group (P = .107). Overall survival and progression-free survival were not different between SPT and IMRT. The study concluded that there was no statistically significant difference in toxicity rates or survival, although there may have been a trend toward lower rates of pneumonitis.

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