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Executive summary

IBA hosted during ASTRO a special Flash Conference with industry experts such as Jim Metz, Lei Dong, Costas Koumenis, and more.

  • Agenda:
  • Frederic Genin | Introduction
  • Jim Metz | FLASH Will Define the Future of Proton Therapy
  • Lei Dong | Dosimetry and QA Challenges for ConformalFLASH®
  • François Vander Stappen | Technological Path Towards ConformalFLASH®
  • Panel Discussion: Jim Metz, Lei Dong, Francois Vander Stappen, Jing Zeng, William Hartsell, Jan Schuemann, and Costas Koumenis

Flash Therapy is currently under research and development phase and will be available for sale when regulatory clearance is received.

Key content topics
Guest speakers
Professor, Director of Medical Physics
University of Pennsylvania - Roberts Proton Therapy Center
Vander Stappen
R&D Research Expert
Chair of Penn Medicine Roberts Proton Therapy Center
University of Pennsylvania