Executive summary

This study compared 46 IMPT and 259 VMAT patients acute toxicities and reported that IMPT was associated with lower PEG-tube placement (p = 0.001) and less hospitalization ≤60 days post-RT (p < 0.001), with subgroup analysis revealing strongest benefits in patients treated definitively or with concomitant chemoradiotherapy (CRT). IMPT was associated with a relative risk reduction of 22.3% for end-of-treatment narcotic use.

Patients reported reduced cough and dysgeusia with IMPT (p < 0.05); patients treated definitively or with CRT also reported feeling less ill, reduced feeding tube use, and better swallow. IMPT is associated with improved patient reported outcomes. Mucositis, dysphagia, and pain were decreased with IMPT.

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