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Executive summary

This symposium held at the 2023 National Proton Conference covers the advantages of DynamicARC proton therapy treatment, and how it is sharper, faster, and simpler compared to intensity-modulated proton therapy (IMPT). DynamicARC proton radiotherapy can help deliver a lower integral dose and preserve critical structures while reducing treatment time and simplifying the proton therapy workflow. This can potentially lead to better proton beam treatment outcomes and overall patient survival.

The invited speakers from Corewell Health and Baptist Health South Florida share a selection of complex patient cases comparing DynamicARC proton beam radiotherapy plans and its benefits vs IMPT plans in different indications:

  • (06:45) Dr. Ronan Deraniyagala discusses DynamicARC®’s benefits in head and neck and skull-based tumors;
  • (14:00) Dr. Matt Hall highlights how difficult cases are treatable with proton therapy and DynamicARC®, sharing examples of bilateral chest wall cancer and spine chondroma with metal hardware;
  • (27:30) Dr. Craig Stevens shares how DynamicARC® improves treatment plans, with a complex example of bilateral lung cancer, and is less sensitive to breathing motions;
  • (33:30) Dr. Leo Ding presents the future roadmap in proton radiation oncology, including hypofractionation and the successful application of DynamicARC® proton therapy to new clinical indications;
  • (40:00) Frederic Genin highlights how IBA is working with the DynamicARC Consortium and leading proton therapy centers to prepare for the clinical rollout of DynamicARC®.

DynamicARC® is the registered brand of IBA’s Proton Arc therapy solution which is currently under research and development. DynamicARC® will be available for sale when regulatory clearance is received. Due to a continuous research and development program, IBA reserves the right to make changes in design, technical descriptions, and specifications of its products without prior notice. Some features are under development and may be subject to review by competent authorities.

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Guest speakers
System Chair of Radiation Oncology
Corewell Health
Xuanfeng (Leo)
Lead Medical Physicist
Corewell Health
MD, Radiation Oncologist
Baptist Health South Florida
President Proton Therapy IBA North America
Rohan L.
Radiation Oncologist
Beaumont Proton Therapy Center