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Executive summary

DynamicARC® proton therapy is one of the most promising developments in proton radiation therapy, as it allows dynamic irradiation while the gantry is rotating, with the advantages of both Pencil Beam Scanning (PBS) and Bragg peak without the exit dose. DynamicARC® proton therapy is being developed to deliver faster, simpler, and potentially sharper proton beam treatments and has been pioneered at Corewell Health, on the ProteusONE proton therapy system.

In this presentation, Dr. Craig Stevens offers an overview of this new proton radiotherapy delivery technique, its advantages, and the developments achieved by his team using the ProteusONE system. He explains:

  • (00:40) – the advantages of DynamicARC® therapy;
  • (02:00) – the evolution from the Spot-scanning Proton Arc Therapy (SPArc);
  • dosimetric studies examples, including brain cancer (02:35), ocular melanomas (03:15), head & neck cancers (05:05), and lung cancer (05:40);
  • (06:50 ) – how DynamicARC® provides a simplified clinical treatment workflow while sparing dose to normal tissue, with the example of large breast/chest wall tumors;
  • (08:30) – how DynamicARC® therapy implementation could reduce the fraction delivery time per patient by up to 58%, potentially leading to a 30% increase in patient throughput compared to IMPT-only;
  • (10:30) – how machine-specific delivery sequences help increase accuracy;
  • (10:50) – how DynamicARC® facilitates LET painting, with a liver cancer example, and more conformal treatments, with large tumors examples;
  • (12:40) – future perspectives of combining DynamicArc® with FLASH therapy, delivered at ultra-high dose rates.

Discover why radiotherapy centers should consider embracing DynamicARC®.

* DynamicARC® is the registered brand of IBA’s Proton Arc therapy solution which is currently under research and development. DynamicARC® will be available for sale when regulatory clearance is received. Due to a continuous research and development program, IBA reserves the right to make changes in design, technical descriptions, and specifications of its products without prior notice. Some features are under development and may be subject to review by competent authorities.

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