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Executive summary

In this presentation, held during ASTRO 2022, Dr. Craig Stevens offers an overview of the proton therapy activity at Corewell Health – formerly Beaumont Health – Proton Therapy Center and their patient selection and triage, as well as the future of proton therapy and the advantages of ARC therapy, including faster, more robust and more conformal treatments. Dr Stevens highlights:

  • (02:30) how the triage process started and what are the benefits of optimized proton therapy plans, especially for pediatric and anesthesia patients;
  • (05:45) the variety of indications treated between 2018 and 2022;
  • (06:45) how DynamicARC is a revolutionary technical breakthrough as it improves the quality of dose distributions, expanding proton therapy to more clinical indications, it is faster to deliver, and makes treatment planning easier, as shown through examples of lung cancer, bilateral head and neck cancers, ocular melanoma, brain tumors and pelvic tumors. 
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