Executive summary

Radiation therapy (RT) is the standard treatment for patients with inoperable skin malignancies of the head and neck region (H&N), and as adjuvant treatment post surgery in patients at high risk for local or regional recurrence. This study reported outcomes of 47 patients with H&N malignancies of the skin (squamous cell, basal cell, melanoma, Merkel cell, angiosarcoma, other) who underwent IMPT for curative intent.

The 2-year estimated local recurrence rate, regional recurrence rate, distant metastasis rate, and overall survival were 11.1% , 4.4% , 23.4% , and 87.2%. No patient was reported to have a grade 3 or higher adverse event. The authors conclude that IMPT is safe and effective in the treatment of skin malignancies of the H&N.

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